Kaya Balloons

Chipitufa Eaunes

C'est tellement magique que je ne sais par quoi commencer!

L'accueil est très bien, tout est très bien organisé et même si il y a du monde au départ, ramassage, petit déjeuner, transport jusqu'à la montgolfière, tout est parfait.

Ne pas oublier que l'on est en montagne au lever du jour. Il fait froid. Prévoir de quoi se couvrir!!!

Le personnel est très pro.

En montgolfière non, nous n'avons pas le vertige. On profite vraiment sans crainte de la vue et pour moi c'était vraiment très agréable.

La vue est somptueuse, le lever du soleil exceptionnel.

C'était un merveilleux baptême. Merci encore à notre capitaine!

Spectacular view
Katrina Riv / Singapore

The guys at Kaya Balloons really did a great job in making our ride memorable. Our ride was cancelled on our first attempt due to bad weather conditions, so we had to try again the next day. They arranged everything from pick-up, to simple breakfast, to drop-off. Our captain was humorous and informative. He and his assistant ensured that we get to see the best views without discounting our safety. This is an experience not to be missed while in Turkey.

Çok heyacan verici
Belgin Hanım / TÜRKİYE

Otelimizden servisle alınarak balon biniş noktasına gelip güzel bir kahvaltıdan sonra İnanılmaz muhteşem sevgi dolu duygularımızla balonla hareketimiz tek kelimeyle harika doğa manzarasını izlemek o muhteşem duyguyu herkesin kesinlikle yaşaması gereken bir balon gezisi

Excelente, lo mejor de Cappadocia
Pedro A Tucuman

Sin dudarlo, es una actividad obligada, imperdible. Las vistas desde el globo son únicas en este lugar maravilloso. Abrigarse muy bien de pies a cabeza si vas en invierno.

Once in a lifetime experience
Priyanka P

If you are in Turkey, Cappadocia hot air balloon ride is a must. The view of fairy chimneys from high above is breathtaking and simply out of the world experience. Beautiful landscape bathing in the early warm rays creates a stunning affect. Cool breeze adds on to its charm. The balloon ride is managed by professionals who took excellent care, right from early morning hotel pick up to celebrations with champagne after the ride.

Excellent Cappadocia balloon tour
Sebnem C / GİRNE

I have ever seen that much beautiful organization they take us from our hotel at 04:10am and we went to tour starter point. Cappadocia view was amazing,i cant finding word to tell how was excellent you should go and enjoy that balloon tour in Cappadocia.



A wonderful morning with professional service and excellent flying
Mhamrah / New York, NY

We arranged our balloon trip at kaya through our hotel and couldn't have been happier. We specifically request a small basket (12 people). We were picked up at our hotel promptly at 5:10, had a small breakfast at the launch site, then we're escorted to our balloon where we watched it inflate. The ride was spectacular and our pilot was fantastic. He was able to maneuver the balloon around the surrounding area to get close to fairy chimneys and cave dwellings (by changing altitude it's possible to steal the balloon based on changing wind directions). The pilot was also able to turn the balloon so everyone got a great view. The landing was smooth and easy. All in all our hot air balloon ride with kaya was one of our highlights in Turkey.

Excellent balloon ride
Rlim / Subang Jaya, Malezya

My wife and I were traveling as independent travelers but were part of a small tour group in Cappadocia. We decided to take on the balloon ride as part of our experience and the local guide recommended Kaya balloons (we were told this is their usual partner). Hotel pick up was prompt and we were taken nearby to have coffee and biscuits and subsequently to the launch site. Managed to witness the inflation process and then climbed into the basket with the others. Pilot handed out the safety cards and went through the safety briefing.Take off was prompt at 5.30am.The pilot spoke good English and had a good sense of humor. It was an excellent one hour ride both from high and low altitude. Landing was perfect right on to the back of the trailer.

Must do experience

We came to Cappadocia for the hot air balloons and the experience was completely worth it.

Kaya balloons were recommended by our hotel and they were awesome. Picked us up exactly on time, drove us out and served coffee tea pogacas and biscuits. The staff were professional and friendly.

The first morning it was too windy so we couldn't go - I was so glad that they cared about our safety. Other companies went up!

The next morning same thing but we got to fly. Our pilot was so lovely. He was professional and spun the balloon so everyone got a view and never took us too high. The whole experience was magical!!

Afterwards we got certificates, bubbles and cake. And dropped back to our hotel by breakfast time.

Perfect 10/10 experience!

Breathtaking, family friendly put it in your bucket list
Kcanavan, Miami Beach, Florida

We were looking forward to our baloon ride. We had done it in África but in smaller balloons and this time we had our 5 year old. the whole experience was amazing, all safe and very well controlled by the pilots. My daughter loved it as much as we did. It is just something so peaceful and beautiful that should be in everyones bucket list. The whole event is logistically organized to perfection. the experience indescribable . the early morning rise is totally worth it. Make sure you book th efirst round of flights


Ho fatto questa esperienza durante il tour della Turchia ,ma vale veramente la pena , il costo e abbastanza alto , ma irripetibile la gioia all atterraggio e in volo .Alzataccia al mattino ,ma per una questione di venti e di pressioni gli orari devono essere questi per forza ,arrivo al campo dopo una colazione rapida ,forse un po troppo business gruppi troppi tutti insieme andrebbe gestito meglio il campo di volo , arrivo e spiegazione del montaggio della mongolfiera , inizio bellissimo poi a mongolfiera quasi gonfia salita sul cestello e inizio del volo in sospensione e silenzio assoluto ,attorno un 80 mongolfiere che si alzano ad una ad una , in volo sui camini delle fate ,su tutta la vallata , poi salire e scendere , dai 1000 metri ,ai canion in mezzo alle rocce , spunta il sole e' alba di un giorno bellissimo ,piloti bravissimi ,atterraggio con spumente e brindisi e dolci .BELLA BELLA BELLA ESPERIENZA

Evviva la mongolfiera!

Che dire di nuovo rispetto agli altri commenti? Le mongolfiere non me le aspettavo così grandi...pensavo ci si stesse in 4-5 persone e invece tutto il nostro gruppo di circa 30 persone è salito sul cestello. Nessuna paura, quasi non ti accorgi di salire e scendere. E poi lo scenario di tutte queste mongolfiere e il paesaggio sottostante.... Bellissimo, confermo.


現地のツアー会社さんから予約してもらいましたが、家族4人だったので割引があり安くてよかったです。1時間のフライトでしたが、充分でした。ホテルのピックアップも時間どおりで、地上のスタッフも、パイロットも感じよく、運転も安心でした。初めに、車から降りると飲み物や、クッキーなどが用意されていて、そこでしばらく準備ができるまで待ちます。人がどんどん増えてきて、言葉もわからないので不安になりますが、順番がきたら名前を呼んでくれてついていくと、また車に乗り自分の乗る気球の前まで行きます。すごい気球の数です。そこでまた少し待ちますが、気球がふくらんでいく様子などをみていると楽しいです。気球には、20人くらい乗りますが、かごの中は、4.5人ずつくらいの仕切りがあって、わかれていました。気球からの景色は最高で、高く上がったり、岩の近くを低く飛んだりと、パイロットの腕が絶妙でした。朝日もきれいで、やっぱりここに来 たら気球は是非乗ってください。8月でも早朝は寒いので、長ズボン、厚手の長そでがいいですよ





Η καλύτερη εμπειρία που είχα!!!

Δεν υπάρχουν λόγια να περιγράψω την εμπειρία αυτή! Η προετοιμασία του αλεξίπτωτου, η ωριαία πτήση και η Fiesta με σαμπανιζέ κρασί μετά...

Πετάς κοντά από τους κωνικούς σχηματισμούς του Goreme, έχεις την αίσθηση ότι θα τους αγγίξεις και ταυτόχρονα απολαμβάνεις την ανατολή του ηλίου!

Την εικόνα συμπληρώνουν τα πολύχρβμα αλεξίπτωτα που πετούν ταυτόχρονα! Μαγευτικό!

Η εταιρεία Kaya Balloons πολύ καλή!

Αξίζει να το δοκιμάσει κανείς!!! Έχεις μια άλλη εικόνα της Καππαδοκίας απο΄ψηλά και συνάμα κοντά!!

Страна чудес Каппадокия, Гореме,

Мне повезло, я успела увидеть КАППАДОКИЮ. От отеля- в Кемере- ехали 5 часов, но нисколько не пожалели трудного пути. Все очень замечательно! Если не откроют Турцию, смотрите Дмитрия Крылова с его непутевыми заметками.