Kaya Balloons

Founded in 2005, Cappadocia has 3 balloons to be one of the first balloon companies. Today, with its devoted work, today's flight
operations operate with standard, deluxe and private flight alternatives with 15 different balloons of different sizes found in the fleet.

Kaya Balloons is also among the world's leading flight schools with its first private flight school, Kaya FTO, which was opened in
2010 at the same time. Our school has trained nearly all of the pilots flying in Turkey to date and is still continuing pilot training.

Flight school, flight control, license renewal validation of foreign pilots (control of flight safety of foreign pilots and approval process
of approval). Transactions.

Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) is a recognized authority in the literature that controls and validates
the maintenance, control and flight availability of all flying balloons in Turkey. Thus, maintenance controls are provided to enable hot
air balloons to fly safely.

Today, as Cappadocia Kaya Balloons family, we continue to work with great enthusiasm in the philosophy of sustainability in an
environment friendly, environmentalist and quality aviation understanding.