Kaya Balloons

We thought you might be wondering about hot air balloons ...


What are hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons are very special flying crafts. From past to present there has been no change in the principles of flying since the 18th century. Of course, the secret is warm air rises and moves in the wind.


How do hot air balloons fly?

The basic principle is that the warm air rises and raises the volume inside to a certain height and at this time the wind will allow movement. The basic principle has not changed, but the quality and safety of the equipment used today has improved to meet the requirements of today. All of the balloons in the Kapadokya Kaya Balloons fleet are produced with the latest technology


What are the parts of a hot air balloon?

A modern hot air balloon is made up of the following things:

Balloon or Envelope:

Envelopes is an equipment that varies in size and is made from a special fabric to allow load to be carried and is easy-to-collect after-flight.

The balloons used in passenger flights are 240.000 / 500.000 cubic feet. The height of the biggest balloon is 45 meters long and 35 meters wide.


The balloon basket which carries passengers and all other equipment is the one of most important parts and consists of rattan mats on the steel frame. 

Passenger baskets are large enough to accommodate between 2 to 28 passengers. The average height of the baskets are 1.10 meters and is at a sufficient standard for your safety and viewing during the flight.

The lower part of the basket and the parts inside are made of soft textured material for your comfort.


The burner is essentially the ‘engine’ of the balloon. It is fixed to a metal frame attached above the basket under the mouth of the envelope.

Flying Principle of the Hot air balloon:

Simply, the warm air rises and the volume inside it rises with it thus the balloons start flying. However, hot air balloon flight, which seems simple at first, is the most difficult craft to control.

Pilots must know and practice many aviation principals in order to control balloons and conduct safe flights.


Steering a Hot Air Balloon:

Hot air balloons do not have a steering mechanism normal sense of the word. So, they travel and land in the direction of the wind. Pilots can only control ascent and descent. Pilots can use turning vents in the side of the balloon to rotate it 360 degrees so you have a full panoramic view

Throughout the flight, pilots create the most beautiful flight experience by using different winds at different altitudes and speeds.


Landing in a Hot Air Balloon:

Hot air balloons don’t land in pre-decided locations like other air vehicles.

At the end of your 1 hour flight, your pilot will plan your landing and will make the most suitable safe landing for you.

In order for passengers to be able to land safely, it is important to apply the landing position, which the pilot has described before the flight.